Prior to 1987 there was no Saskatchewan Home Based Educators.

SHBE formed in 1983 and existed for many years primarily as a newsletter circulated among families. With continued growth, a need for a province-wide affiliation that would span methods and philosophical approaches was identified. In 1987, SHBE became the voice of home-based educators in the province. SHBE was instrumental in working with the department of education as it drafted the legislation recognizing home based education and providing for an exemption from compulsory school attendance requirements. SHBE formed a board of directors in 1990 and incorporated in 1992 as Saskatchewan Home Based Educators, Inc.

Move the calendar ahead several decades and Saskatchewan Home Based Educators continues to serve the Homeschool community!

Now we have an organization to stand for the rights of homeschool families in Saskatchewan.
Now we have an organization to turn to for information to know those rights.
Now we have an organization to host a provincial convention to inspire and encourage families to pursue their vision.
Now we have an organization to bring a sense of connection and unity to homeschool families across the province.
Now we have an organization to care for the cares of homeschool families in Saskatchewan.

There are no longer widespread problems with un-registered homeschoolers, in large part due to SHBE influence! However, SHBE notes that some home-based educators are feeling shut out and backed into a corner: there is no longer a Home Based Education Review Panel, no longer an option to register directly with the ministry of education, and no objective dispute resolution process (the ministry of education has removed the home based education dispute resolution mechanism and deferred to the local school division’s dispute resolution processes).  

Today, many SHBE members wonder what has become of protecting the province’s compelling interest by “the least intrusive means”?

SHBE is just as important now as it was decades ago!

The founders and visionaries didn’t see what they were doing as a sacrifice. 
They saw what they were doing as, “We get to help homeschoolers in Saskatchewan!”
And they spent many many hours and gas money and phone money to fulfill their mandate to this cause.

Today, there are many many hours freely given to fulfill this same mandate.
It hasn’t changed. SHBE volunteers still, “Get to help homeschoolers in Saskatchewan!”

SHBE’s representation with government officials is strengthened with increasing numbers of membership. SHBE’s budgeting income is based solely on membership fees.

If you appreciate the efforts of SHBE’s accomplishments in the past, and if you expect SHBE’s accomplishments in the present, and if you hope SHBE will be there for your children’s children in strength and confidence, one thing that we can all do, every year, is renew our membership.  

The ground is level in the SHBE domain: Every board member and every convention committee member pays the same membership fee as you.  One membership renewal won’t make a huge difference in determining our budgetary needs and opportunities; but together we can continue to be the organization that is known for standing for the things that are important to homeschool families in Saskatchewan.