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The SHBE Journal is published each Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer, and is the official publication of Saskatchewan Home Based Educators.  Our Journal is supported by advertising, and we invite anyone who supports SHBE's Mission and Goals to submit their advertising to us!  SHBE reserves the right to refuse advertising that it deems, in the sole discretion of the SHBE board of directors, to be contrary to the interests of SHBE as an organization, or that promotes issues, causes, or materials.

SHBE Mission and Goals

The purpose of SHBE is to provide information and assistance to any and all Home-Based Educators in Saskatchewan, to represent and advocate for all SHBE members, to promote home based education in Saskatchewan, to foster a positive homeschool community, and to establish a positive political and social environment for Saskatchewan Home-Based Educators.

SHBE supports the rights of children to receive a parent-directed home-based education, including parents’ rights to determine methodology, content, delivery, and assessment, with the lowest possible government regulation, policy restriction, monitoring, reporting, and unsolicited involvement.

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