Excited for the upcoming Convention?

So are we!  Follow these steps to get registered!

Step 1: Are you a SHBE Member?

  • If you became a member before or at the 2023 Convention, make sure you start or renew your membership under Support SHBE > Become a SHBE Member or click the button below, following the prompts to sign up and make your annual membership payment before proceeding with registration.

  • If you became a member after the 2023 Convention, your membership does not need to be renewed yet! You will need to start by creating an account on this website with the same email address used on your membership form to have your membership recognized. If you need help, contact us!


Step 2: Be logged in!

  • Log in using the button “Sign in” button at the top right of this page


Step 3: Register for the Convention!

  • Once you are logged in, click the I’m ready to register!button below* which will redirect you to a page with our Ticket system link and the members-only access code you’ll need to register!

*If you are not logged in with a newly-renewed or active membership through this website, clicking this button will only redirect you to our login page. Be sure to follow the steps, ensuring your membership payment was made (if applicable) and then click this button when you are ready!


If you encounter any technical difficulties with this website or with the Convention registration process after following the above instructions, please contact Criston by emailing webmaster -AT- shbe.ca (switch out -AT- for the @ symbol in your email).  Please include your phone number in your email in case it is needed for troubleshooting.