There are many families that homeschool their children and work (part-time and/or full-time). It is possible to work and homeschool your child, whether you are a single working parent household or there are two working parents.  However, it is only possible with planning, dedication, and sacrifice (made by the parents).  Feel free to contact your board representative to ask for advice along the way.

When it comes to leaving your kids at home by themselves to do their schoolwork while you are at work, however, that is a slightly different matter.

For example, although a 13-year-old may legally allowed to be home alone, SHBE would strongly caution against leaving a 13-year-old alone all day to "school" themselves. See first our answer to the other FAQ question above, "How involved do I have to be in my child's education at home?"  Additionally, the parent needs to place their child’s safety and wellbeing as utmost paramount, considering things like the following: length of time they will be alone; number of days the parent works; socialization; safety with being home alone; maturity in their ability to safely be home alone; maturity in their willingness to do school independently; and many other complications when leaving an child home alone for long periods of time. SHBE cannot tell you that leaving a 13-year-old child home alone, to school by themselves, is a safe and appropriate decision, only you as the parent are in the position to decide what is in the best interest of your child. SHBE does, however, promote family connections as a fundamental part of homeschooling, and we believe it is this connection that produces the positive results and benefits of homeschooling.