Saskatchewan Home Based Educators presents the basics about homeschooling in Saskatchewan.

Check out this informative SHBE webinar time from Aug 2020 with Rod Amberson


Topics discussed include the following:

Section One: Introduction

  • Home based education balances the interests of parent and children with the interest of the civil government (the province of Saskatchewan).

Section Two: Getting Started

  • Before you worry about the provincial paperwork, lay the foundation by considering why you want to homeschool
  • What is the nature and purpose of education?
  • Why should parents direct their child's education?
  • Write down a few positive reasons to homeschool. Then assess your strengths and those of your children, evaluate resources, and decide what approach you will take. Once all of that is in place, you're ready to tackle the provincial requirements.
  • SHBE can help by providing templates that offer structure while not demanding too much information.

Section three:  Filing the provincial paperwork

  • Written Education Plans
  • Broad Annual Goals
  • Education Jargon & The Saskatchewan Curriculum as a source for Jargon
  • Methods of Assessment
  • Requesting services from a school division
  • Annual Progress Reporting
  • Outcomes-based Assessments